Title:  The lucidity of a fading memory

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  living moments birth memory sole

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dead among the living
a crownless queen forsaking
looking for a sole survivor
with a smile of a strange saviour
entertaining an unexpected gathering
showing more of nothing
in the eyes of a blind spectator
here and now moments endeavour
shadowless time never to pass by
in a crystal dawn holding tight
the fragile caresses of a harnast knight
no more needs to be said
when everything is molded into clay
an exhibition of an indomitable artist
living in the lap of old mother earth
forever celebrating birth
when life has done its duty
dressed in the shadow of an impervious mist
protecting the scarce thoughts of precious being
to encourage the living among the dead
and awake the secret mistress of every one
battling a total eclipse of the setting sun
while a fading silhouette bows its head
and realises that age has told its story
in the lucidity of a fading memory

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