Title:  The shadow of a shining star

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  tear jewish bitter silence shadow

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a young jewish woman
with a stamped yellowed paper in her right hand
and a yellow star on her left sleeve
dressed in a worn out red silk dress
pays respect to a childs body
all alone on the dirty deserted street
disturbed by the echoes of marching feet
mutulated by a life of terror
and haunted by the memory
of her brutally deported family
she seeks for the fruits of humanity
but, her words are not heard
she is held prison in a ruined outskirt
in a world impossible to understand
created by a fiery uniformed preacher
worshipping the relics of the holocaust
on his altar of eternal victory
where jewish bodies crumble at the end of each day
and their last breath paints a blue sky grey
leaving a surrealistic landscape of bitter silence
a grave for the anonymous souls of innocence
remember the shadow of a shining star

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