Title:  saying goodbye to my daughter

Author:   johnny4343
Category:   Family
Keywords:  daughter

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I spent my life loving you
been there for everything you went through

I don't know how this unconditional love thing works
but I can't stop loving even when I should and it hurts

I became more angry with every lie
till there is nothing left and no reason to cry

I tried to make you see that your better than this
my words never helped and I promise they will be missed

I know somewhere under the person you betray
is my beautiful daughter who just lost her way

I was not always the father I should of been
but admitting my mistakes won't help in the end

you were my little girl for so very, very long
I never imaged a future in which that little girl is gone

when my time on earth is over and you dream about me I wonder which man your going to see
the one you knew long ago
or this pathetic old man who didn't know when to let go

I thought with the right words or actions We could overcome
but I was wrong again and now look what we become

I promise to love you till I take my last breath
and who knows if my love for you will end with my death

but today I'm alive and having a hard time
so forgive me if I do and say things that are out of line

so even if you think sometimes I'm cold and cruel
know deep down I am lost and don't know what to do

so there is nothing left but to walk away
even if I could I don't think I want to stay

I love you more than you know my beautiful daughter
which is why this decision I've made could not be harder

nothing in our life will ever be the same
we both took love for granted and that is the shame

I'll leave you with these words I will always say
you deserve better than what you become In every way

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