Title:  For more than only one day

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  perhaps heroes mind face name fragile tears

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perhaps we could be heroes
beyond the lonely hills not far away
perhaps we could end up as shadows
challenging the truth of yesterday
but heroes always take care of each other
running blindfolded towards the gates of paradise
a place where unexpected moments gather
dressed in colourful words spoken by surprise
living a life of no choice to change
while dancing on a limp cord side by side
and keep the childs dream alive
in a place where heroes never die
where bleu eyes look strange
amazed by a theatre of the mind
encourage each ordinary day to try
to leave the painted pale faces behind
by pleading for a helping hand
a voice of serenity calls a heroes name
hoping to find spoiled tears
of happiness in the pouring rain
too fragile and delicate to sustain
too vulnerable to face fearless fears
perhaps the ghost of a lost heroes action game
will set free a strengthening distance calling
to endeavour us to be heroes
for more than only one day

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