Title:  Sorrow blues

Author:   Abhamińa
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  tarnished, clenched, wretched.

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God looked around his garden
With telescopic eyes,
Scanning it in all dimensions
He saw a vacant space,
Looked down upon the
Solid earth

And, saw your tired tarnished face

He clenched your heart
In his loving hands
Held it gently, as he memorised
the rhythm of your pulse
Lup-dup, rapidly-slowly
Fading and fading
Eventually, your exhausted
Oxygenated-blooded veins and,
Deoxygenated-blooded arteries

Leaving your weary eyelids closed

When they heard,
All was wretched!
Your loving wife saw you
On the kitchen zinc 
Recollecting your morning winks
Washing dirt, dish by dish

Hoping that the verity
Of your lifeless body
Would go away like the dirt
On the dish

Hoping to see your
Warm and kind smiles
Even in the ice cold
Blue mornings

Hoping to see the laughter
In the children next door
After you gave them
Sweets with your
Big, gentle hands

Hoping to feel the taste
of your chaotic lips upon her own
Intensified her

But, you see

All the hopes
Were like missing somebody
You've  never met
Impossible .

Only the one above
saw  the actual reality
Of your life

He had plans
Nobody could change
Plans, nobody could change .

Comments on "Sorrow blues "
Posted by eric88 on March 04, 2018
really like this one, your imagery is outstanidng