Title:  Value your art

Author:   Abhamińa
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Fortitude, glance, oblivious, Misogynists, misandry

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Life is like a piece of art

Your art!

Paint it with patience and fortitude
Don't attempt to rush
It'll get smashed up

finally, at the end
Glance into it
If it's not good enough
Don't be sad
Rise up, look at it
Fix it!

Do not compare it to mine
For, they will never be identical
Mine, mine is not perfect either

Girls, be oblivious to Misogynists
Boys, ignore the misandry
Their friendly disguised
Nature  will never wait to tear you apart, that's normal .

Your painting will never satisfy
Each soul , that's normal too

Some will find it busy
Some will find it boring
Some will find it fake
Some will find it too real

But, if you don't value your art
Who will?

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