Title:  Life on Pause

Author:   poembeast115
Category:   Fun
Keywords:  fun,

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I've got an empty head.
What is there to do?
I have no obligations,
Like I did back at school.

Now, I just lie around all day.
Wasting my time away.
It's exactly as I say,
That this isn't ok.

There are things,
That I want to get done.
Like earning money,
But I just want to have fun.

All I do is eat, sleep, and game.
I know that's pretty lame,
But working makes me insane,
It's a pity, what a shame.

I'm ready to go back,
To the place I call home.
Although I'm with family and friends,
I still feel alone.

I'm just going to let it be.
Soon, I'll be able to see,
The landscape when I go to ski,
Back at home, that I call CSC.

The time has stopped.
What is the cause?
It's simple, I call it,
My life on pause.

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