Title:  Born from a tender touch

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  me you tender touch heart

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your tender touch
really means so much
so please, come along
and meet me in the pale daylight
while I am dancing backward
through the beauty of everyday
and join my enchanting party
under a whithered oaktree
in the heart of my painted backyard
an extraordinary place to stay
with psychedelic music and sweet wine
and my vulnerable misdirected words
where my retrospective universe blurs
and all my fantasies are unfold
clearly show me who is who
and have always entwined me and you
when the irony of the joke disappears
the curse of my shattered prophecy
is just another impression
running through my vains
hoping to find a sanctuary in my misty brains
where an equilibrium of subtile attraction
arises from your tender touch

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