Title:  Reflections

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Reflections, Introspection

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Dragging myself,
Upon my thorns,
Crying blood was all,
That I've done;

Such Eagerness of mine,
To create,
Some Excitement in life
Led me,
How to be reborn,
By enjoying my spoil!

I know the opposites are necessary,
But being inclined on one side is
Like an abyss,
We choose to fall down;

In which,
My past is still haunting me,
Like a snake surrounding my neck;

I'm able to change it all;
Such an Energy given to me is
A gift that will never cease,
To lift me up;

Whereas being at peace is,
My key to exist;

Only my eyes will reveal,
Such a spirit that's behind
Every deed!

For I will never end up,
Among fragile desires!

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