Title:  A purple meditation

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual

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No more tears,
I'll weep,
To conciliate my Destiny,

For my Scepter is not,
Made of glass;

No more rebukes,
I will attach,
To remind my Duty,

For my Evolution does not,
Reside on Hatred;

Fire never extinguishes fire,
And dirty water is never drunk up,

For no one is able to smell,
The blood of their failure;

I can only arise,
Between my laugh and my dance;

Life becomes hard when,
My own perceives so,

And Time is only an excuse,
To believe I'm worthy;

Even following a constant routine is,
Willing to be seen,
As a temple within;

I cannot die again;
I cannot whisper another oath,
To feel the same blade;

The wound keeps bleeding,
If Roughness persists on,

And I wanna be ready,
To crush black petals,
On a red soil;

I'm willing to awake,
A new dawn!

For my ears are already listening,
To the rise of a singing night!

Behold the mankind's eyes,
The Flame burns it all up,
For the Spirit is able,
To open up Hearts.

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