Title:  The light dies down

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  purple light past feel life

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in my purple coloured blue heaven
a rainbow of white frozen flowers
guides the flight of a farewell waving reaven
while the words of my precious colour my hours
in my rapidly deteriorating paradise
where the ghost of the after life
abandons his human disguise
a time for me to see
that my world tells me to say goodbye
but it doesn’t feel that way
my forgotten chronicles pass me by
losing my ability to remember what was
in the presence of those taking care of me
I am preparing to leave
but not without sharing moments of evermore
reflected in the eyes of my loved one
I can still hear the voice of the endless sea
and dream me a mesmerizing changing horizon
it gives me strength for one more encore
I am forced to keep it brief
while the applause of my audience fades away
and the light in my eyes dies
the last beats of my heart take my life
and let my soul depart without a trace
leaving an unearthly grace on my pale face

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