Title:  The march of the singing children

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  sing colourful fantasy heart

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hear children sing
set the sky on fire
cast away the reign
of a heart of stone
red coloured lips admire
the silent hero within
a place where no one
expects an empty merry go round
a symbol of a generation left behind
turn without turning away
from the first signs of an early spring
and sweet jokes to sustain
to foster a barefoot begin
battling to stand its ground
unafraid to look beyond yesterday
urged by a dream to be found
between high hopes on the run
and warm tears of a rising sun
blaming a broken fantasy
trying to feel much more
amidst shadows fleeing outdoor
to undress a pale memory
of helpless hands waving
to a timeless moment sailing
on the waves of an unfinished adagio
revealing a forsaken mystery
whispering softly to let it go
and invite the children to sing
to welcome a colourful awakening

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