Title:  Reinsertion

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Reflection

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I’m jumping over brakes and wheels,
In which Betrayal is a reminder,
To forget a Warning;

I’m dancing over yellow glasses,
In which a mistake has been replaced,
By such a Grace;

There isn’t any commitment able,
To run over empty dreams,

And no flower blossoms,
On a scattered ground;

I can only survive when,
I’m between the wind and the sun,

Whereas my senses are more aware of disguises,
And my inner voice assembles a new future,

So I’ll never be broken down,
By any worm-soul,

For Life isn’t a torture,
I conceive to live in;

It is a Fate that goes,
Beyond my own,

In which my body joins,
With the breeze of the All.

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