Title:  About last night

Author:   Rabbi
Category:   Memories
Keywords:  Memories don't die

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Last night was just about the only night I felt like I don't want to see a tomorrow cause if there'd be no tomorrow in last night, there'd be only last night.
Last night the star's had no fault in them cause when I looked up, I noticed a reflection similar to that of the eyes of a teenage girl who recently fell in love.
Last night, the weather was at best assistance cause although we had nothing to give, in return it gave a jolly vibe atmosphere.
If last night was a person, I'd take her to France and marry her in the Eiffel Tower with 365 day's of travelling around the world for our honeymoon. I mean if last night had to be person, it'd be a female after all.
Like every individual day in life, last night had to leave and watching it happen killed me slowly only for the fact that I know she is never coming back.
I miss last night.

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