Title:  A voice in my head

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  voice deep man moments love head

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I hear voices in my head
sing a passionate anthem
that only I can set free
I repeat over and over again
that the beat of evermore is not dead
but hiding between us and them
waiting to be found
in the slipstream of a roaring sound
dragged along in the deep of man
I feel all that is left for me
has not turned away
and I know it will relight the flame
of what I always wanted to share
being more than just a name
and the words that I say
behind the veil of the ordinary
I still remember moments of pure care
time for me to get underway
and look beyond my shadow
while the voices sing in my head
there is nothing more to fear
I trust my life to the other side of sorrow
where the need for love is demanding me
to grip the chance to re-appear
while singing an anthem of passion
in a place full of aspiration

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