Title:  What you want?

Author:   Zaza
Category:   Anger
Keywords:  wanted

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I wanted to give you,
A pair of warm arms
To hold you
When the days get so cold you don't want to go outside.

I want to give you,
That protective look
That only your mother could do
To keep you
Of getting in trouble.

I wanted to give you,
All you've ever wished for
To be perfect
And fit you.

I wanted to give you,
Colored pencils
For you to paint the colors of my sky

I wanted to give you,
Of this thing that sometimes
Beats in my chest.

But one day,
You showed up,
With a new perfum,
And a new hair,
New clothes,
I've never seen you like this.
And said
That All you ever wanted
Was betwen her legs.

That day,
I was reduced to dust.
I could never understand,
Where I did you wrong.
I was devastated.

But now.
I get it, Honey.
You don't need worry anymore.
Now I see that,
It was never about what I wanted to give you.

It was always about what you wanted to receive.

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