Title:  Fascination

Author:   Zaza
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love

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You have wishes
To face oceans and lands
That no one would ever do,
You want to explore every
Tiny piece of that forest
That you keep wanting
To call yours.
You want to discover
Cretures, fruits and flowers
That would never bloom
In somewere known.

Having that said,
All of this wishes
Make me considerate
That maybe
I am your new land.
But I'm not like any land.
I have living things
That you've never seen.
My flowers
Have a different coloration
That the place you're from.
My soil is fertile,
And my leaves
Have forms that don't even exist.
I am your new land.
And I think you're fascinated
By all the mystery and magic
That involve
Me, myself and my land.

But then,
I ask you.
What will happen
When you get used to the color of my flowers?
And my living things make part of routine?
What about my sacret soil, will you still respect him?
Let's face it
Your fascinated.
And even though I love your touch and admiration
It's just fascination.
And due to all the respect
That I hold for me
Myself and my land
I could never
Call that love.

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