Title:  Burn

Author:   Zaza
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Flame

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I tell myself I don't want it
I don't wanna be near you
And neither do you.
But how is that so,
If with a single touch
You make me burn?

How is that so
If you want to touch me as well?
If you want to feel me just the way I want you?
If when our eyes meet it looks like we are always about to kiss?
If your desire is directly proportional
to mine and we don't even try to cover it up?

I don't know
what to do from here
I can be totally indiferent about you,
even though my whole body respond differently
Then, I would not have to deal
with goodbyes.
Your goodbye would be more than I can handle.
I can let this freaking fire consume me
Loving untill we burst
Let everything collide
In the most pure and simple way.
I don't mind

But I need to know
That I won't burn alone.

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