Title:  Leaving nothing to be explained

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  relation living masterpiece sky fantasy horizons

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leaving nothing to be explained
tender emotions telling why
a concept of love unrestrained
born out of a momentary relation
and silent mutual contemplation
where tomorrow meant nothing to us
living the script of words unspoken
defeased an uncomfortable hush
tracing a parallel unbroken
of always reaching for the endless sky
our enchanted dance marooned
from a tortured hill to a breathtaking valley
where you and I
live a timeless masterpiece
close to the edge of perfection
unafraid to stumble and fall
a lavendel lovestory to recall
with no pretended empathy
reflected in the eyes of you and I
with wild flowers in our hair
and shadows of a cozy fireplace
a coloured carnaval we share
and let our children play
with a pink fantasy painted on each face
a temporary adventure
asleep in the arms of forgotten pleasure
without the jealously of temptation
to shatter the expectation of you and I
and distant horizons are left alone
leaving nothing to be explained

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