Title:  Glimpses

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual

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On the dance of my senses,
I can visualize,
The Hymn of the future;

No novelty will ever be born,
Unless we all acquire a deep knowledge,
Of our own;

No fashion will ever start,
If we’re not happy,
With our clothes, salary, house,
Or suchlike;

There is no worst prison,
Than the one carried on,
Our mind;

In which a taboo is a barrier,
That impedes,
The growth of our soul,

And goes against,
The beauty of life,
We all are led,
To make it bright;

Only my laugh can take me
To the unknown!

Whereas Purity is the Spirit’s Honesty,
To get rid of its thorns,

And wants to break free,
By being alive
And enjoying such a gift!

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