Title:  Butterflys

Author:   Zaza
Category:   Hope
Keywords:  butterfly

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I caught me thinking for the first time
About what I write.
Why I write.
And after hours and hours
and a number considerable of coffes
I guess I found the answer I was looking for.

I write
for the butterflys to come out of my stomach
and go tickle somebody else.
They are to many.
If I kept them to myself,
I would probably have them all over the place.
And eventhough I let them free to go
they insit to habit me
they insist to be all over me
and that's the problem of being a intense person
If I keep my emotions to myself
I would probably be sufocated
By wathever I'm feeling.
Writing is the thing that keep the balance.
I'm not less intense by letting them go,
But I know that when they go
A piece of myself is shared with whoever reads this insignificant poetry that I do.
And like this,
Is where I feel free.

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