Title:  Tempted to fly higher

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  need relieve thunderstorm slippery sun hand

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you better watch your back
when you take what you don´t need
a fading red light on a dead end track
says goodbye to those you will not meet
thunderstorms looming in the cold air
you take a jump over a wild waterfall
before you fall in a hot bath of relieve
and take a rest in an asylum of supernatural care
which you foolishly think is out there
please, take off your shoes and leave them by the door
winters will all there every be
when you pretend to have what you want to believe
for many days are still to come
dance on a slippery wooden floor
look in the eyes of a tempting outcome
a face beckons you behind its shadow
no, it is not just a dream
you don´t need another disquise
when you are prepared to follow
the colourful pictures you have never seen
a touch of sun and sand
will make you fly higher
and enjoy the things you inspire
looking at the palm of your child’s hand

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