Title:  On a naked caprice

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual

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Overlooked by a red Goddess,
I’ve been invited
To reveal such a sun,
Which is hidden
In my purple veins;

What a wild dance,
Shaking off an angel’s oath!

What a freaking wolf,
Howling in the climax
Of a Dionysian Festival!

Whereas all bodies join
Their fragrance,
Through their blue sweat!

And the blood becomes
One with the Whole,

Which gives birth
A soft laughter,

So Love cannot be deceived,
By oneself’s chastity;

What would be more pleasant,
Than any dream come true?

What would more liberating,
Than any emotion break free,

In which not even a hero will resist,
To look over his scratching reflection?

So patient,
My heart remains,
To nourish the fantasies,
This world pertains,

Whereas no longer a wasp will
Be able to spread
His poisonous sting,
Among the herd;

So calm,
My eyes foresee
The future,

And they remind me,
That even the smallest creature represents
A life,
Which is about
To become,

So Destiny is not
A mere Choice,
We all make up;

It is the life itself,
We all choose,
To dwell in,

Whereas flesh and bones nurture
Our Own.

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