Title:  The Intimacy of Silence

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  silence intimacy dance common man simple

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my dawn of silence has broken
while dancing on my own
left nothing unspoken
and tasted the sweetness
of a world unknown
where muted moments
were left mindless
the shallow melody of a lovesong
shimmered without fear
empty hands held on strong
revealed the joy of a withered tear
waiting for a summer romance
ignoring what has been missing
shown in the ripples of a common man
on the rhythm of a macabre dance
remember gentle voices kissing
in the silence of an outrage
while turning an unfinished page
with the wild gestures of a drunken lady
colourfull thoughts passed me by
made me laugh on my own
felt like a brave step for a simple man
but too out of tune to understand
the relics of a forsaken conspiracy
of smiles and tears
intriguing and breath-taking
and while I kept dancing
silence was all that remained
when the music faded away
a hoarse voice explained
break the silence for one day
to meet the dawn sustained

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