Title:  Open Eyes

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  eyes images open sun beauty silent

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with my eyes wide open
morning light unbroken
close to the edge
where a silent solemn pledge
builds a crystal tower
with no way in and no way out
giving shelter
to millions of images
hoping to find a way out
scribbling on empty pages
words of painted echoes of a fading rainbow
living in the shadow
of a slow and intense tango
covered in smoke on a sleeping volcano
moving painted tears with eyes wide open
riding on the back of a worn out spring
chasing a quiet midsummer sky
locked inside a captivated brain
unconscious of its awareness
calling only one name
and whispers it is me
in here, out there
images are all there ever be
unafraid to be aware
and hold on tight
to the melody of an unfinished symphony
that reflects the beauty of almost there
in the presence of the bright side
where it all began
creating the mystery of an immortal man
with eyes looking at the sun

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