Title:  Another ordinary day

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  beauty giggle person philosophy time word

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Beauty is all around
the magic of pretty little things
painting an unquiet sky without a sound
guide a wandering silhouette dancing on a rope
who refuses to see a wider scope
a talented person living in a cage
who fills the valley with laughter
where the leaves of pine trees giggle
on a wobbly fantasized stage
disturbing the serenitiy of old age
a cool breeze invites to ramble
and nothing else matters
the return of the dawn scatters
forsakes to leave nothing behind
except moments without a trace
exile cold winds and icy rain
carving ripples in a perfect face
digest every change as an opportunity
a saintly shrouded consice philosophy
leads the journey through a colourfull space
entangled in the eyes of a prophecy
that has always been here
disclose forever beauty with skill
struck by the legacy of a familiar restrain
known as the shadow of ordinary life
never remembered until
the humdrum starts to appear
and fading footsteps reply
along the colours of the wind
regardless to regain
places where beauty
will never be the same
and time and a word has no name

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