Title:  In Dreams

Author:   cynthiabaldwin
Category:   Free Verse
Keywords:  Sadness, loss

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In dreams, we are.
Dawn breaks and rises -
The curve and shape of time
Underneath long days.
We searched until there was only searching left,
The distances between us
Obliterated at every turn -
Every dirty twist of fate,
Drawing out the spaces between words.
At this strange hour, everything changes.
In dreams, we are.
The night lights up and pours itself in -
Holy water at our altar of fire and dust,
Some wild secret alive in the dark like a ghost.
There is a certain kind of grace found in silence,
The listing stars above us hollow and distant.
We are tragic and separate,
Crowned and condemned like royalty in exile.
Take heart - Our courage is infinite.
In dreams, we are.
It is inevitable now -
In that moment of absolute darkness,
The shadow dies -
And we remain the same.
Slow is how it goes,
And how this all will end.

Comments on "In Dreams"
Posted by jmang33 on February 25, 2019
love this