Title:  Close Harmony

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  harmony life horizon heart intimity moments

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in a world of close harmony
nothing changes without reason
I am the only human being
protected by the heart of the season
on the other side of the mountain
I live a silent testimony
inspiring many to retain
to live in perfect harmony
with the challenges of life and death
require imaginary wings to fly
in the shadow of a horizon passing by
dream a mind full of let it be
while walking on paths of thin air
unspoken feelings behave with breathtaking care
where once was may it be
and in the end moments are written
in the intimity of close harmony
hoping to find my way back home
the ultimate goal of my continious journey
restless in the dusk of a misty evening
I am guided by a pale crescent moon
entranced by the dancing light of fireflies
hoping to find some close harmony
in an atmosphere of day and night

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