Title:  Serene tranquility

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  dream journey desires serene beauty

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forever walking on water
and talk with the wind
maybe not to forsake later
a golden dream left behind
where bare highlands reveal
without the slightest noise
countless thoughts appeal
hoping to find a voice
faceless pathetic creatures
unaware of pure beauty
leading a colourfull journey
a nocturne of hidden treasures
for an audience of sweet desires
to turn the light off and turn over
in the shadow of a sad romance
when a miracle out of nowhere
appears in a glance
ready to kiss somewhere
a rendez vous with a sweet tear
hoping to find a moment of pleasure
in a world full of misplaced fear
enlight a derailed adventure
make the impossible shiver
in a moment of serene tranquility
to awake a mindful believer
with caresses of everywhere
to whipe off all those years
that have burden without reason
and reluctance faintly disappears

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