Title:  Heartbeat of the Snowy Mountains

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  heartbeat labyrinth beauty remember tender

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the heartbeat of the snowy mountains
shares an enchanting view
of all that remains
alive in sparkling eyes
with hands held high
carry on to feel free
on the wings of forever passing bye
a perfect choice tells why
beyond a jungle of maybe
fading footsteps betray
a labyrinth of one way
not one more weary day
comes to join the beauty to relay
a strong believe not to see
what does not invite to stay
music and laughter linger on
behind shadows of a cathedral of glass
all good people shiver without fear
and never share moments to compass
in the midst of modern time
restless thoughts reveal all that is mine
in a colourfull desert of future being
the beauty of forsaken dreaming
a moonlight serenade to remember
cold eyed and tender
and all that remains
of the heartbeat of the snowy mountains

Comments on "Heartbeat of the Snowy Mountains "
Posted by jmang33 on February 28, 2019
on the wings of forever passing by..... love that.