Title:  Feel

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  feel joy sun desires silent

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Feel the touch of a silhouette
walking along a deserted beach
dying of thirst
expecting the worst
of a graceful pirouette
just as it started to rain
feel countless ripples pining
for a horizon out of reach
always eager to sustain
a peculiar silent breach
of a momentary lapse of reason
feel the turn of a colourless season
and countless confessions identifying
always looking for excuses
when a sweet treat amuses
feel the bleak shadows move
to comfort a body with unexpected prove
of the secret desires of anybody
to feel the joy of a childs play
feel a story of evermore
of restless people in the valley
feeling uneasy to justify
the echoes of summer songs
feel entangle memories of a sleepy calm
of endless days bathing in laughter
in the cool of a petrified realm
addicted to forever faster
unaware to feel it is easier to stay
feel the heart of sunshine
beating in a not so perfect sky
and dream thoughts of a white beach
distant but within reach
when feel not to wonder why

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