Title:  The Mighty Time Vikings

Author:   jerthepoet
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  vikings, romans, time travel

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The Viking people were
Listen to their battle purr

This is a story of might
Vikings went down in glory
They would give you fright
Their battles were gory

The Wulvraider was a mighty ship
With a proud crew
Never did they trip
Many foes they slew

A grand discovery the did make
A time vortex they found
What they did will earth-shake
It will cause the bark of a hound

Traveling through time
They found the Roman empire
They peeled back it’s eyes and poured in lime
They through it in the fire

They couldn’t believe their eyes
The empire was huge
Loud were their shouts and cries
They were forced to seek refuge

Soldiers captured them
But they broke free
They slaughtered the soldiers and sang a hymn
And ran aspree

They found the shore
And broke the chains on their ship
They would bring back more men and go to war
It was a short trip

They went to their own year
An army they brought back
They were the Roman’s greatest fear
As they started their attack

They quickly vanquished their enemy
They founded the New Viking Kingdom of Rome
They were stronger than a tree
Some stayed and others went back home

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