Title:  Alive in a dream

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  alive dream rely journey heart feel

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alive in a dream
no chance to stay
needless to share
further upstream
a world beyond today
driven by care
a journey to make
with no distance at all
trust to forsake
a superficial riddle to recall
a hopefull appeal
strolls towards a jealous sky
caresses feel unreal
among the shady fights
a happy face enlights
promises to rely
in rusted moves
homeless and suppressed
while it is getting late
a habit stressed
in a moving debate
seems to be misplaced
to pretend the true
colourfull embraced
in a uniform to persue
that already begins to show
a chance to stay
on the verge of indecision
with a heart of suspicion
a needless collision
of a world beyond today
alive in a dream

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