Title:  You Don't Like Poems

Author:   Robin.rainbird
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Art, poetry, angst

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You don’t like poems
You say you don’t understand art

I wrote you one
Filled with extravagant images of gods and seas and human hearts
I threw flowers at your feet because they poured out of me
And you didn’t ask for them
And you didn’t ask to read them
And I’m sorry

Because I live in a strange sea of overwhelm
Of wet eyes and restless feet and hands that grab and speak
At feelings and sights and metaphors
And you’re so comfortably dry and warm on solid ground
And I want to leave you there, because you look so pretty
But I want to drag you in here, because it isn’t fair
Maybe I would join you if I could?

I would study a science PhD with you. I would do washing with you. Cook with you. Walk with surety, speak little and only of things I know, shrug off tears, glance over the pain of others, glance over the pain of myself

Not stray into the endless dark places
And not write poems

These strange, personless poems, loved by no one
Given straight to the charity shop
Fretted over, cried into, kneaded and fiddled and grasped in an anxious sweaty fist
Over used, crumpled tissue
That I put in a gilt box, and give to you, my lover

Oh how embarrassing
To be born an artist
To have this wet, messy need
That pours all over clean white pages
So that everyone can see
And disregard
My inside out mind

Comments on "You Don't Like Poems"
Posted by Bec_son99 on July 08, 2019
Well, I for one like poems and this one is great. Hauntingly honest, blunt, and vulnerable. The strange sea of overwhelm is a good metaphor and describes the feeling well.

"Not stray into the endless dark places
And not write poems", great