Title:  Colours of Introspection

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  blind feelings beauty remember bright heart

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too blind to hide
a reflection to undue
with silent introspection
focussed on a moment of true
born with a heart of gold
and a sweet eloquent voice
to do everything to unfold
a path to perfect a spontanous choice
emerges from a jealous anger
when why does not matter
solitary feelings remember
every piece of beauty
misses somebody to believe in
an innocent lovers kiss promised
meant to feel released
with eyes wide open
in a field of poppies broken
to gaze to a pale moulded body
that shows past expectations unspoken
betray another looking like yesterday
just a face in a mirror with bright eyes
and deeply hidden ordinary desires
to link trust to something not to blame
hold on to a figment of perfumed shame
coming closer to the heart of introspection
a revealing experience of colourful reflection

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