Title:  Reborn

Author:   Bec_son99
Category:   Free Verse
Keywords:  ocean, waves, new beginnings, rebirth

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You were like

A pitiful wave tossed in the sea

Cradled in fetal position

As you listened to the sounds

And felt the soft motion

Of being tossed to and fro in the womb

Of the ocean

And then reborn.

You were told

The opening was the sunrise at the shore.

How did you get there?


Some sort of man-

A man scorned,


Left to fend

And bend

As the weight was thrown on your shoulders.

One day,


Some way,

Stranded on the sand,

Palms to the grain.

The new beginning you dreamt.

You wondered-

Perhaps this is where I came from,

From the start.

Some sort of merman without fins

Forced to swim and swim

And adapt to the circumstances,

So much so

You learned to breathe


And choke at the same time.

You remained cradled in the ocean

No matter the storm

Or the force

That tried to push you home to shore.

But one day,

You let loose your grip-

Not in defeat but in understanding,

That sometimes you have to let go

And you did-

You escaped the belly of the whale

And the circle of sharks that tried to chain you in fear

To the sea.

You saw a light-

A golden orb

At the line of the horizon.

You learned that sometimes storms are needed

To push and replenish

And bring us back to earth.

In memory I see it now-


In a peculiar way,

Gently rising,

Standing on the shore…

Walking for the first time

Towards the sunrise,

The golden orb.

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