Title:  Homebody

Author:   Bec_son99
Category:   Free Verse
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I'm a homebody;

The home has consumed me

And locked me inside.

The walls have become my skin;

My protection.

Home, sick home;

It won't let me leave.

It creaks,




It laughs at me.

If I leave it just might collapse

And crush me flat.

This home won't let me be.

"It's all in your head,"

The doctor says.

But that doesn't mean a thing.

This house is dark,


And empty;

Then what is this feeling;

This spirit oppressing me?

I pace back and forth,

The house directs me-

Door to door.

When people call

I pick up right away;

The ring is too deafening

And I get quite afraid.

Some machine on the other side asks if I'm okay,

I usually respond with nothing

But this time the house whispered for me:

"Unnamed Inhabitant seems to be fine,”


“No need to send help, no sense on helping nobody."

The machine hung up rather quickly.

The house laughed.

Pretty soon people moved in and the lady asked:

"Who is that?"

The realtor sighed;

He had hoped she wouldn’t notice,

"Just a homebody.

Just a nobody;

No need to worry about him."

He suggested extermination.

She said she had heard of the kind;

At the moment, she was left undecided.

Her boy cried:

"Mom can we keep him?

Oh please don't say no;

He's just a human."

She rolled her eyes,

Finding it funny:

"Fine honey-

Go catch him or something."

I didn't run;

I let the boy drag me by the arm.

He gave me a bath and said he meant no harm.

I asked if I could leave;

He giggled and replied:

"You homebodies say such funny things."

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