Title:  That Town Near the Sea

Author:   Bec_son99
Category:   Surreal
Keywords:  ocean, lighthouse, memories

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Distant, almost familiar daydreams come to me;

They’re so vivid.

It’s hard to tell if they come from my inner conscious,

Somewhere in my soul

Or perhaps,

Someone else’s dream.

It’s hard to tell awake from asleep.

The vision consumes.

I’m not sure how it relates to me personally

And it’s so hard to describe a dream-

They’re indescribable things.

This unknown me wandering about

Near a sea.

There’s a mysterious atmosphere of fog

And it seems to pull me along;

It guides and holds me

But I don’t mind being pulled by this sea so enticing.

I don’t mind wandering through this town by the sea

With friendly, eccentric characters

Who have many stories to tell-

Of life, mystery and adventure

And of death, misery and hell.

Stories of many imaginings

And stories that are quite real.

I’m consumed with the bliss of belonging in this place of my own

This place that just is

And seems only to exist in my mind

Or a different time of some kind.

This place somehow means so much me

If only a dream.

There are sailors in casual blue and white uniforms

And shops with colorful shells, taffy and various popcorns.

Mother figures keep the soups warm

Amidst the mysterious streets that only a select few have wandered-

A group of oddities who strangely belong to each other

In some way or another.

These buildings which have that

Always has been

And always will be kind of feeling;

Things grow old but never die

And for some unknown reason

I wish to stay here for the rest of my life.

I could stay in an inn or a ship of some kind

But there is this lighthouse across the bay

And it seems such a perfect place to stay.

This lighthouse of black and white

With a hypnotic checkered floor inside.

The floor is more familiar than anything else.

I feel I’ve stared at it before;

In another time or dream

I got lost in its illusion.

This whole lighthouse is empty-

It’s just this floor staring back at me

And I know this is where I’ll stay-

That this has to be my place.

There’s a room upstairs with a view of the sea

And it seems such a wonderful place to sleep-

To think and dream forever

If I please.

If it only it wasn’t so cold…

I can’t help but shiver

When this premonition comes over me

As I stare out the window

With an indiscernible,

Curious fear.

For in the distance there is a figure standing there-

A figure vaguely familiar,

Walking into the sea.

A figure

That looks as if it’s drowning

And I suddenly realize it also looks

An awful lot like me.

For a long, long while I stand there and I think

How could this possibly,

Possibly be?

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