Title:  Robot Frankenstein

Author:   Bec_son99
Category:   Free Verse
Keywords:  Sci-fi, robot, future, experiment

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Upon the streets I wandered.

I was thinking, nothing in particular

But had a nagging feeling

To belong and to get somewhere.

Something was after me

Well, someone or something;

I couldn’t quite remember

But I needed to get away;

That much was clear.

My robotic legs felt heavy and fake

And my heart was heavy in a different way;

I felt depressed and betrayed

By the world that seemed to leave

So many sheep astray.

I know because

I saw so many things.

And though I may have legs of crushing iron

And a face of metallic sheen.

Partly, I am clay

I am ME.

I have a heart and a brain

But I’m just a pile of parts;

(At least, That’s what they used to say.)

Why did they bring me into existence

If they were just going to leave me this way?

On these streets of cobbled stone

I’ve walked for hours but have not seen

The light of day

Or a single, wretched face

To match the scenery.

There is no one.

There is nothing.

I must truly be the last soul

To wander these roads.

Though that could just be a metaphor

Only because I do not know

If I will die or if I have a soul

Can a man made creature have a spirit?

If so, surely God allowed me to be.

Surely God gave this soul to me

And it wasn’t mans doing.

They probably didn’t think

I would ponder these things

I was probably an accident

Because I am able to think


And I became something more

Than machine.

But now I’m not so sure if I want to be

If no one is here to be with me

To talk

And laugh

And live.

You see,

The end of the world

Isn’t for me

But still I walk these cobbled streets;

It is all I can do.

I pray to God,

If I have a soul,

That he would take me home.

I refuse to take my own life

Because I want to know

If there is an official end or a new beginning

To the world

And if I’m not alone.


I heard the robot muttering this...

I don't know if he knows

But he constantly talks aloud.

I decided to write it down.

I am just a janitor

And no one was around.

I am sad to tell you that far above this miserable creature,

Scientists stand on a railing and look down below

At the world they have created for it.

“It’s so interesting,” they say,

To watch him walk in circles

Until he finally breaks.

They said he was violent-

That it was the only way to keep him safe--

To let him go on that way


But don’t worry,

I won’t end this on such a sad note;

I write this because tonight...

I plan to let him go.

Comments on "Robot Frankenstein"
Posted by Robin.rainbird on July 10, 2019
I love all your poems! They really resonate, and make such vivid images in my mind. I love the strange mood of this one - the odd robot Frankenstein wandering the wasteland, I love the spin on this classic story, I really sympathise with this character, and then the extra layers added by the revelation of the observing scientists, who have their own agenda and view, and then the sympathetic janitor, add so much richness and narrative shape. I think you use narrative really interestingly, rather than being a poeticised story, i see it like a poem which uses story and characters to give and atmosphere and mood. Reading your poems and seeing your lovely review of my poem really reminded me of a place I was in a while ago, a place inside me still, and I immediately had an idea for a painting. Which is really great because I’ve been stuck with painting for ages! Thank you so much for your awesome work, I’m going to re read these soon