Title:  Somewhere in a Desert Far Far Away

Author:   Bec_son99
Category:   Surreal
Keywords:  desert, horror,

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Golden and hazy, lilac tinted scenes

A little blue,

A little red.

I don’t know where I’m going,

I don’t know where I’ve been.

I’m melting under this desert sun.

I’m crawling just to end up where I

Started from.

I’m freezing now

Under this sun.

I’m almost dreaming

And half awake I hear the voices calling to me

From the ground.

They used to tell me to run but now,

In eerie whispers and in warning,

They speak:

“We have crawled and slithered like you.

We were cold.

We were dead too.

Our bodies sunk under,

The sand swallowed us whole.

You’ll be with us soon,

Body and soul.

You had your chance,

You fool.

Now you deserve to become one.

Now you deserve to join us.

Sink now and embrace your cowardice.

Sink now

And forget everything.

Join us…

You must become one

With the dust.

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