Title:  You Waited Till Summer to Die

Author:   Bec_son99
Category:   Free Verse
Keywords:  death, memories

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The days they are plenty;

Some sad,

Some good and some better ...

I wonder if your waiting 'til summer to die-

If you are, I know why;

I was with you then

And that feels a good time to be set free,

I guess.

It will seem more like you're free than dead

When the sun is shining overhead

And the memories are overflowing,

Drifting out your old shed, haunting us (gently)

We're all out in the abandoned gravel lot with our lawn chairs now

And it's funny 'cause

Nothing's really changed here.

I can hear "Remember when" playing in somebody's trailer.

I wonder if they had you in mind

or if it was just playing.

Then I see Carl under the tree

Strumming his guitar in the same old way;

The same few chords

Over and over,

But he makes it sound like a song

(you know what I mean)

Then I see you

Almost like a vision coming over,

Walking through the middle of the scene.

Your feet kicking up the gravel dust,

Your faded cowboy jeans rolled up,

Shoes all scuffed

With that fishing rod resting on your shoulder.

You were whistling Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care.

I still see you leaving

Growing smaller still.

The vision never ends

I just see you walking further away towards the horizon

But you never disappear completely.

There’s a little more than memory here,

What it is-

Who knows?

Summer's almost gone now,

Everything's gray and blurred

Everyone's wrapped up in the pain,

But don't worry,

I'm not crying.

I glance out the window and see you walking towards the lake

I wonder if they forgot you didn't mind the rain

Or fishing in it;

Said it did a body good.

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