Title:  You

Author:   Bec_son99
Category:   Free Verse
Keywords:  seasons, illness

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The one with the cold shoulder.


Who close your eyes and sleep ‘till winter’s over.


Who stare at the sun waiting for winter to return

‘Cause you slept it away.


Who stare at the sun hoping you’ll melt away

Like the ice cream down your hand

Onto the concrete

Where it lands

Evaporating into nothing significant.


With your matted scarf and big shoes


With your guarded smile and your hands

Not knowing what to do;

They stretch,

They dance

And move.

They flutter apart

And clasp together

Resting at your mouth.

“I don't know,” you always seem to mutter,

But I know there’s

A million other phrases behind it-

You’re just unable to find the words to express them.


With your arms crossed loosely,

Toes clenched tightly,

The cold keeping you stiff.

Nerves, involuntary jolts, shakes and kicks

Trying to fight it.


Who I find lying in the snow

Letting your body go numb and cold.

I wonder if you’re okay.

Then there’s me,

Putting my hand on your shoulder

Trying to bring you warmth,

Trying to get you to open your eyes.


The sun is in the sky

Peeking through the clouds.

You awake slowly,

Without moving, you look all around,

Smiling softly.

You see my head hovering above your face

You squint

And give a childlike wave.

The mood is neutral.

I’m not sure what to think.

I can only hope this time

You're waving hello

I couldn't take another goodbye…

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