Title:  Second chance

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  second chance free understand inside

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don't try to understand
what shall not be
the harsh upper hand
will not cease to be
feel free to come in
the wind is blowing harder now
scatters a quiet soliloquy
of a warm hearted beauty
dressed in rags of empathy
to be found in the middle
of an endless unquiet space
waiting to lead a precious life
never making promises
annoy what is unsubtle
and challenge a tender embrace
let it shine on a simple expression
observed by a familiar face
touched by a moment of satisfaction
to stare at everyone to see
untill someone reverses
to reveal a simple art
around a bonfire of senses
never felt so alone
safe and sound inside apart
a perfect face has find a home
passioned to forsake all it needs
when a second chance deems

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