Title:  Tender romances

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  tedner romance charms dance feel

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touched by tender romances
cheerful dancing in the rain
a passion of charms caresses
let it be to remain
unreal to feel good enough
and meet the lonely pretty one
patience when times get rough
feel the presence of a rising sun
it colours shadows that wish the night
to last forever inside
captured in a desired fantasy
of promises looking back
hold on to the turn of the tide
when a lifetime shows an endless track
don’t run away to an unquiet sky
look for the sound of silence to dance
hope to find a way to step outside
and leave what wil never be
pretend to be the wind
and behave like a cool breeze
carrying a shimmering silken veil
while the dust settles on a new begin
beneath a time in the moonlight
tender romances linger within
ready to flourish along worn out trail
forever rising high

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