Title:  Being at peace with the dolls

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual, insight

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My wish is,
To become the Wind,

On this flesh of mine,
A shadow dancer arises,
To be such a purge
For my eyes;

I only feel Thirst
For the Purest and the Naked,
For my body doesn't
The wisdom,
Of any new religion;

A Maid aspires to be a Kore;
A Kore aspires to be a Mother;
A Mother aspires to be the World;

Even the slightest tardiness
To be taken care of,

As well as a single coin
To be deep-felt within;

There isn't any materialistic meaning,
Except the one that,
Everyone puts on,

For the Circle turns around,
To let the Sun arise,
In order to make any Conscience
Wake up.

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