Title:  Winter vision

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual, Inspirational, Thoughts

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Embraced by your sweat;
Loved by your lips;
I venture to the multifarious land;

Followed by my shadow;
Scratched by my ignorance;
I go on my way to the High;

Thousands of silhouettes walk
Around this city,
In which their eyes are
Such a sheet that covers,
A plastic hut,
And their tongue is
Such a carpet that slides,
On a crystal ground;

Driven by my inner sun;
Advised by my body;
I sing along,
With the purple God;

His pupils prophesize,
A glorious midday's smile
And his waist whirls,
To welcome his beloved bride!

Only self- denying brings up the rebirth,
Whereas the arm grows stronger,
And Brass becomes Gold.

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