Title:  Black Elixir

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual, Vision, Revelation

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Laid on the couch,
I feel like,
Two eyes stare
On me;

Surrounded by the crimson light,
I visualize your shadow,
In the corner,
Of the room;

Your feet approach to me,
And draw a straight line,
In which my breath has reached,
Its communion with your Holiness;

Your hand gives me a chalice,
In which my Own becomes One,
With your Soul;

To drink is enough,
To open up my eyes,
And experience Life,
By your sweet sight;

Let's awake the Great Mother,

For she can grant us the pleasure,

To expand our branches,

Through the Night Tree!

Whereas our lips speak

A parable,

To make conscious,

A twisted head!

Let's sing a psalm,

To begin a dance!

Whereas our bodies move

Across the green ground,

And make a circle,

To echo such a musical sound!

For unless we get rid of our taboos,

We'll never sense the doves,

Soaring into our loop.

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