Title:  Love is ...........

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love kiss face always beauty

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all my love has always been here
asleep and awake never asking why
my love still loves you my dear
and I look for a way to symplify
my love to complicated to align my mind
and understand what everybody knows
that sometimes love hides in the shadow
waiting for a familiar face to show
to talk about unmade choices
and not to be left behind
by a silhouette wearing a golden ring
riding on a runaway white horse
crossing the shaky bridge of no remorse
unable to take care of unexpected sympathy
an uncomfortably numb as time passes by
and pictures of pure beauty answer shy
and whisper my love is more
than a touch of a warm hand
and a sweet kiss from the relics of ever more
a startled memory brings my love back to life
pursuades me to write me a biography
to tell everyone you will always be
my fragile handsome loved one
who rescued me from my twisted sobriety
and offered my love a chance to reply
to the demands of a shining yellowed virginity
reflecting my love in the eyes where it all began

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