Title:  Imperfection

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  beauty mind colourful time light

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the beauty of imperfection
a true love of mine
lonely wandering through time
a broken piece of introspection
unexpected doubt to speak
too much that tears can not erase
alone for too many years
unaware of the beauty that sleeps inside me
my heaven in the eyes of the meek
where a roaring silence arrears
and written words disrespect a memory
living in an abandoned world
buried in colourful considerations
in the spot light of expectation
when everybody sings along
reality changes her mind
in a world that doesnot care
for the beauty of imperfection
believe in so much more out there
arises from the twilight fully aware
to be touched and to unfold
the epilogue of a story of old
ready to shatter the still light of dawn
to transform feelings undrawn
and reshape the beauty of introspection
to meet the face of a moonlit imperfection

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