Title:  Me

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Personal
Keywords:  brother, father, son, partner

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How do I know someone really cares.
Someone really wants to share this life.
Whether to be my Friend,
Whether to be my Brother,
Whether to be my Father,
Whether to be my Keeper
Just wants to care about me.

It hurts to let go.
I’ve always tried to be in control,
Even with my emotions.
Controlling; the letting go.

Some people have begun to touch my heart
And it hurts.
I can give up just for a moment,
Let someone else care for me.
I’m not alone!

It’s been a long, long trip.
Life has just turned the corner
And there’s much to go.
The possibilities are undefined.

Life is a growing experience
And love is a part of it.
May it grow as we grow.

November 26, 1984

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